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AIRBOX Apex Series

AIRBOX Apex Series

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AIRBOX Apex Series

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AirBox air purifiers are the gold standard in 100% certified portable HEPA filtration units. The units possesses the power to clean constant expulsion of products in our air in large commercial spaces. Armed with the same technology in the most sophisticated clean rooms around the globe the Apex is purest air readily available at an affordable cost. 


74.2 lbs


24 x 24 x 50 in


  • Low Mode
    • 189 Watts
    • 720 Cubic feet per minute
    • 54 Decibels
  • Medium Mode
    • 207 Watts
    • 800 Cubic feet per minute
    • 57 Decibels
  • High Mode
    • 245 Watts
    • 880 Cubic feet per minute
    • 59 Decibels