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Subscription Plan

Janitronics aims to provide a user-friendly approach to managing and maintaining your Nanoseptic subscription plan. Based on manufacturer recommendations a change of every 90 days is recommended to maintain the life and the effectiveness of the product. 

By clicking on any of our Nanoseptic products (aside from mouse-pads) you can either select "One time Purchase" or the "Subscribe and Save" feature. By subscribing you are opting into a quarterly shipping on the product. All of your preferences and options for managing the subscription can be viewed on your account page. Email notifications will be sent prior to your quarterly change out to serve as a reminder and as your official notification new product will be released to you.

Edit, pause, or cancel anytime. It is that simple.

The credit card used for the initial order will be automatically charged every 90 days for the exact order placed. If you do not wish to elect into the subscription plan please opt out and place a One Time Purchase, we will process and ship product as orders come in. Shipping and Handling charges may apply if the recurring order is canceled after we have processed it.


If you wish to learn more about Nanoseptic Subscription Plans please contact us by sending an email to