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COVID-19 Nanoseptic Effectiveness

Nanoseptic Products are Self-Cleaning surfaces which utilize various forms of light to activate nanocrystals which are manufactured onto the surface. Nanoseptic is not a registered EPA disinfectant due to its classification - however independent lab studies have evaluated its effectiveness on killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses on surfaces at various levels to ensure the product claims are accurate.

These studies have been performed by EPA and FDA compliant labs and have been peer reviewed through professionals all over the globe.

Studies evaluated re-soil rates as well as time frames the surfaces becomes cleaned when re-soiled - this depends on the surface as well as the load however through studies time frames from 5 minutes up to several hours the product is continuously killing bacteria lessening their effect and becoming safer environments. 

By purchasing Nanoseptic through Janitronics you receive all the information and resources needed to ensure you are prepared to protect your facility.

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